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Heating & AC Repairs and Installation in La Plata, MD

Even with a climate that Köppen classifies as humid subtropical, the town of La Plata is an ideal place to live: it sees a significant amount of rainfall even during the driest months of the year and the day-to-day weather is generally warm and temperate.

Despite this, there are multiple days each year when the high temperature tops 90°, and for at least 3 months in the winter, it regularly drops below freezing at night. This puts year-round stress on HVAC systems.

However, Leitch Heating and Air Conditioning keeps the residents of La Plata, MD comfortable by offering a wide assortment of heating and AC repairs, maintenance, and installation tailored to the Southern Maryland area.

Leitch Offers Heating & AC Repairs, Installation, Maintenance & More 

Here are the services and solutions our company offers to clients based in and around La Plata, MD: 

  • Air Conditioning - No one wants an AC breakdown on a hot summer day in La Plata. That’s why Leitch Heating & AC offers 24-hour emergency assistance. Stay ahead of such issues with our routine maintenance program, designed to keep you cool while keeping your utility costs low. We also clean ductwork and offer duct sealing, humidification services, air cleaners, and sterilization. 
  • Heating – Leitch Heating & AC specializes in heat pump hybrid systems, a versatile and energy-efficient heating solution that transports warm air to the location where it is needed most. We also offer traditional heating systems such as furnaces, boiler installations, electric floor heating, radiant heating, and ductless heat systems for smaller homes without the pre-existing ductwork necessary for centralized heat. You can also count on us for repairs and maintenance of your heating units.  
  • Duct Work – For all kinds of ductwork, look no further than Leitch Heating & AC. We do duct installations, cleaning, sealing, and manufacturing. 
  • Mini-Split HVAC – A ductless mini-split heating and cooling system is a versatile, environmentally-friendly option. It is endorsed by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a way for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint and decrease the reliance on fossil fuels. Switching to mini-splits can significantly improve your indoor because a ductless system eliminates the danger of debris and contaminants that accumulate inside your ducts and are transmitted throughout your home.
  • Home Energy Evaluation – A home energy audit is a great way to improve energy efficiency while lowering your utility bills. Leitch Heating & AC’s expert auditors will conduct a thorough assessment of your home’s size and features, as well as your current energy consumption, in order to identify issues that can be improved. 
  • Home Automation – The home of the future is actually within your grasp. Modern technology now allows for almost every aspect of your home to be controlled from your smartphone, and Leitch offers lots of options. The list includes smart lighting and thermostats, security measures such as closed-circuit television (CCTV), motion sensors and remote-controlled door locks. 
  • Hot Water Heaters – Having a good supply of hot water is essential to every Maryland home. Leitch Heating & AC offers repairs and maintenance for existing units, as well as replacement units should you wish to swap yours out for a new one.  
  • Commercial HVAC – We don’t just serve residential clients! Leitch Heating & AC also extends its services to commercial properties and business owners who need a trustworthy partner in heating and cooling.

Rely on Leitch Heating & AC for HVAC Repairs in La Plata, Maryland

Proudly serving Southern Maryland with dependable heating and cooling and topnotch customer service since 1992, Leitch Heating & AC’s commitment to quality has made us the #1 HVAC Company for customers in La Plata. As a locally-owned and operated business, our relationship with the local community is deep. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 410-469-1363


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