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Mini Split HVAC System Installation Repair in Southern Maryland

Mini-Split HVAC System Services in Southern Maryland

A ductless mini-split HVAC is a versatile, energy-efficient option for heating and cooling your home. The system has been praised by the Environmental Protection Agency for helping homeowners "go green" by lowering the carbon footprint of a residence. You can have one installed at your home in Southern Maryland by Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning, a longtime industry leader in our region. 

Cited as an ENERGY STAR product by the EPA, a ductless AC and heating system uses a pair of indoor and outdoor units to cool specific areas of your home. The zoned cooling approach offers a low-cost solution for keeping your home comfortable year-round. It is less expensive to install and maintain than traditional systems because there is no ductwork -- and no need to clean or repair damaged ductwork at a later date.

Because of the zoning approach to indoor climate control, you can adjust the temperature from room to room with a multi-split system. A homeowner can provide whole-home comfort in open spaces or focus on single-zone climate control for individual rooms or areas.

Single-Zone systems connect one outdoor unit to one indoor unit. Multi-Zone systems connect an outdoor unit to multiple indoor units. Ductless mini-split AC systems use either a hand-held remote or a wall-mounted thermostat to adjust the temperature.

Service Indicators for Multi-Split HVAC Units

Despite its reliablity and energy-efficiency, a multi-split HVAC is like any other heating and cooling system. It will need repairs from time to time because of daily wear-and-tear issues. Some early signals that it might be time to contact a repairman from Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning include:

  • Decreased airflow
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Air and water leaks 

Leitch Keeps Your HVAC Humming

Contact Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning whenever your mini-split HVAC needs repairs. Our company has been servicing units in your neighborhood for more than a quarter-century.We have the skills and savvy to restore your system back to its original condition. Our service options include:

Mini-Split HVAC Repair

It’s crucial that you contact us the minute there is an issue with your HVAC. We can prevent the issue from getting worse and increasing the cost of repairs. When we receive a request for repairs, the first thing our technicians do is inspect the unit to determine the source of the problem and plan an appropriate solution.

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Mini-Split HVAC Replacement

There are times when fixing the HVAC is not the best solution. If your current model is too worn or outdated, a replacement unit could be a more cost-effective option.

Mini-Split HVAC Installation

When it's time to replace your mini-split system, Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning will be more than happy to install it. Our trained technicians are familiar with multiple models on the market, including our high-quality systems from American Standard. We're comfortable working with any of them.

Mini-Split HVAC Maintenance

To ensure that your current mini-split AC remains in good shape, we recommend having it regularly maintained. Periodic maintenance allows us to evaluate its condition fix minor problems before they become major ones. We can even suggest or install upgrades, as they become available, to improve its performance.

Each of the procedures is handled by certified craftsmen with extensive training. We'll have your HVAC back to peak efficience in no time.

Just give us a call at 410-469-1363. Our representatives will be happy to provide more information when you contact us. Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning serves homeowners in Southern Maryland.


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