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Aero Seal Insulation Service in Southern Maryland

Aeroseal Duct Sealing in Southern Maryland

Does your home or building experience high energy bills? Or are you constantly running your system?

Over 90% of existing buildings located throughout North America have air duct systems that contain small holes and cracks that reduce the level of comfort and increase heating and cooling costs. Leaks are caused by a variety of factors including age of the dwelling, type of construction, type of ductwork and local building codes.


Repairing and patching leaks in HVAC duct systems saves your cooling, heating, and fan energy. In air-based systems, ducts deliver all of the heating and cooling to conditioned spaces. Any duct leakage translates into extra air that must be supplied so sufficient heating or cooling reaches the conditioned space.

This not only increases effective heating and cooling loads, it also increases fan energy due to increased flow and/or runtime. Sealing duct leaks reduces the amount of hot or cool air that the supply fan must handle to deliver the same amount of air to the conditioned space.

Does your home experience air quality problems, excessive dust or air contamination and odor issues?

Duct leakage may very well be causing your indoor air quality problems. A good transmission gets power to all the wheels of a car. Just like a good air duct system gets clean air to all the rooms of your home or building.

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In residential buildings, the problem with leaky ductwork is that air can not only leak out of your HVAC system and air ducts — untreated and unclean air and contaminants from the crawlspace, attic, and other places can actually be pulled in to the air that circulates through your home and that you and your family breathe. Since so many air duct systems leak and pull bad air in (we find 20 to 40% leakage in 3 out of 4 homes we visit), poor air quality is a problem that many homes have. In commercial buildings, the problem with leaky ducts in return ducts and ventilation shafts creates air contamination and results in odor issues and unhealthy indoor environment.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Our Aeroseal duct sealing service is applied via a spray foam. This type of spray foam is made of polyurethane and works by sealing holes in your duct system from the inside, sealing any cracks and holes and preventing air leaks.

Polyurethane spray foam is one of the best options for improving your indoor air and ductwork, especially if you're looking to increase energy efficiency. It can be used in a variety of areas and does a flawless job blocking air leaks. Our Aeroseal duct sealing service also keeps it's durability over time, unlike other options.

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