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Home Energy Evaluation Service in Southern Maryland

Home Energy Evaluation Service in Southern Maryland

A home energy evaluation, otherwise known as a home energy audit, is an assessment of your overall home energy usage. This will help us determine problem areas that could be costing you and provide solutions to increase your energy efficiency which will translate into significant savings.

Home Energy Audit Process

Our home energy auditor will take a detailed look at your HVAC systems and energy bills, among other things to learn about your specific home and energy use. Our home energy evaluation process consists of:

  • An assessment of your home's size and features.
  • Inspecting each room, your HVAC systems, ductwork, insulation and the doors and windows.
  • Taking a detailed look at your utility bills.
  • Blower door testing to find out the airtightness of your home.
  • A thermographic inspection with an infrared camera to locate leaks and problem areas.

Preparing for your Home Energy Evaluation

It's important to prepare for your home energy evaluation so we can quickly map out the problems and provide immediate solutions to start saving you money. The best way to prepare for your evaluation with our home energy auditor is by gathering all the relevant information and documents you have. Please have the following items ready for your home energy audit.

  • Past utility bills
  • Documentation of how many people live at your home, the number of hours spent at home, frequent activities that use electricity or energy, thermostat settings and any other information or documents that relate to your energy.
  • Observations of where you think your problem areas are hiding. One example being when you notice the basement or other areas get too hot or cold at certain times.

A home energy evaluation is important if you want to improve your energy performance and see how your energy expenses compare to your actual energy usage. It will also help us determine the best energy efficient solutions.

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