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Oil Furnace Services in Southern Maryland

Creating a warm and comfortable home is important when the weather gets chilly. An oil furnace is an efficient option for homeowners in Southern Maryland. Department of Ecology studies show that oil heats 16 % more efficiently than natural gas and oil-based heat systems perform at an efficieny rate of 85-95 % or higher.

This rate of efficency will not occur if the system malfunctions. No heating system is immune from the effects of daily wear-and-tear. When you need to service your oil furnace, some indicators include:

  • Air leaks in the lines
  • Blocked airways
  • Dirty oil burner
  • Damaged motor bearings
  • Cad cell malfunctions
  • Unresponsive ignition tranformer 

To rectify any of these issues, you need a trained professional. Be sure to contact Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning for help. Our company has serviced all types of heating systems for more than a quarter-century. We’re more than qualified to handle anything your oil furnace is facing. 

Let Leitch Protect Your Oil Furnace

Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning has everything you need to keep your oil furnace in peak condition. Our service crews are composed of highly trained technicians who are armed with the necessary equipment and knowledge to solve your service-related issue.

We offer the following services that are designed to improve your heating system’s performance, durability and lifespan:

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Furnace Repair or Replacement

When you call us to repair your oil furnace, the first thing we’ll do is inspect the unit. This will give us a good idea of what caused the damage and how we should proceed. In some situations, a replacement system is a more cost-effective option than making extensive repairs to outdated equipment.

We will anaylze the situation and suggest the best option to meet your needs and budget.

Furnace Installation

If you’re interested in adding an oil furnace in your home, we will provide a safe, custom, hassle-free installation. This system involves delicate components and a flammable heat source, making it safer and smarter to turn the tast over to the skilled craftsment from Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning.

Furnace Maintenance

Our company highly recommends seasonal maintenance for your oil furnace. Letting us check the system on a regular basis means that it will receive the care it deserves. We can spot the early signs of wear and tear and address them immediately. That will avoid more serious problems and reduce the cost of repairs.

We’ll also suggest and provide system upgrades when they are needed. To keep your oil furnace in mint conditions, contact us at 410-469-1363 and let our representatives provide more information. Our company serves homeowners in Southern Maryland.


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