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Heat Pump Installation Repair Service in Southern Maryland

Heat Pump Services in Southern Maryland

When homeowners seek a heating unit that is versatile and energy-efficient, many choose a heat pump. Unlike other types of heating systems, a heat pump doesn’t generate its own heat. Instead, it transports warm air to places where it is needed.

Heat Pump

When it's cold outside, the pump extracts outside heat and transfers it into your home. When it's warm outside, the pump acts like an air conditioner and removes removes heat from your house, lowering the indoor temperature. Because of this process, the unit doesn’t consume a lot of energy to make your living spaces comfortable in Southern Maryland.

To receive the maximum benefit of an energy-efficient, cost-effective heat pump, the unit must remain in mint condition. That is not always attainable because of daily wear-and-tear. When your heat pump is in need of service, some early warning signs include:

  • Insufficient heat distribution
  • Poor airflow
  • Noises within the system

Let Leitch Handle Your Heat Pump Issues

Thankfully, you can contact Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning if the heat pump in your Southern Maryland home is in need of repair. We’ve been providing excellent heating services to our customers for more than a quarter-century. Our licensed and certified technicians are dedicated to providing quality customer care. They’re highly trained to repair or replace your heat pump, depending on the severity of the problem.

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Heat Pump

They're also skilled at home humidification services and can fix your air conditionerhome automation system or mini-split HVAC system if those needs arrive.

Scheduled Maintenance

Our company can create a maintenance schedule for your heat pump. When the system is receiving constant care, it’s less likely to fail on the days you need it the most. We’ll also be able to provide periodic upgrades to improve its performance.

Proper Installation

If you think a heat pump is the ideal heating system for your home, let the certified pros from Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning install it for you. We’ll provide a proper, custom-fit installation. 

Contact us at 410-469-1363 and we will be happy to provide more information.


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