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Gas Furnace Installation Service in Southern Maryland

Gas Furnace Services in Southern Maryland

The gas furnace is one of the most efficient heating systems a homeowner can purchase. With it, you’ll be able to heat your home faster and consume less energy while doing so. A gas furnace is a cost-effective heat source because it doesn’t use electricity. Its lifespan typically exceeds the shelf life of an electric or oil furnace and it is environmentally-friendly compared to other fossil fuels.

Gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel by a wide margin, generating at least 50 percent less carbon per kilowatt hour than coal with almost zero sulfur oxides, mercury or particulate ash. It is also burns much cleaner than oil.

To maximize the benefits, a gas furnace must be maintained in top condition. Because gas is combustible, it is wise to place any repairs in the hands of a seasoned professional. The certified experts from Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning can handle that task, as well as countless others, when your home is in need of a heating tune up, repairs to leaky duct work or a home energy evaluation. We have served homeowners in Southern Maryland for more than a quarter-century.

Your Gas Furnace is in Good Hands with Us

Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to providing top-notch services and customer care. Our certified technicians are highly trained to repair or replace your gas furnace, depending on which option is more cost-effective option for the homeowner. We are skilled in all sorts of HVAC repairs, whether you have a hybrid heating system, a gas furnace or a boiler.

Repair or Replacement

Before we fixing anything, the first thing we’ll do is inspect the condition of your gas furnace. This will allow us to pinpoint the problem. In some cases, replacement is an easier and more affordable option than repairing a system at the end of its life cycle.

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Certified Installation

Installing a gas furnace isn’t easy. Gas is combustible and the furnace is comprised of several components that need the attention of a trained expert for a safe, secure process. Our certified technicians have handled multiple gas installation jobs and are comfortable working with any type of model.

Periodic Maintenance

To keep your gas furnace in good condition, we recommend regular maintenance. Scheuling a service call from one of our skilled craftsmen at Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning on a seasonal basis will keep your system in mint condition and provide peace of mind that your furnace will function on the coldest nights. Contact us at 410-469-1363 to get more information. We service homeowners in southern Maryland.



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