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Commercial HVAC Installation & Repair Service in Southern Maryland

Commercial HVAC Services in Southern Maryland

When it comes to creating a pleasant indoor environment for commercial facilities, property managers need a dedicated commercial HVAC system that can handle the demands of the building. Unlike homes, which house a handful of residents, commercial establishments are occupied by hundreds of people seeking to remain cool and comfortable at the same time.

To keep customers satisfied in an office, retail store or shopping mall, the HVAC systems in those properties must be able to blow conditioned air efficiently through a massive ductwork system. They must be able to change temperatures quickly when programmed to do so.

Air Conditioning Installation & Repair Service in Southern Maryland

Even a state-of-the-art commercial HVAC system can break down, however. Whether you're using a hybrid heading system, a heat pump, a central air system or something else, any unit can break down from overuse, inefficient parts or daily wear-and-tear.

If these problems aren’t addressed quickly and properly, a commercial building will have a much harder time maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. This could trigger complaints from multiple customers, creating a huge nightmare for a corportate landlord.

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Commercial Heating and AC Solutions

If you have any concerns about your commercial heating and air conditioning system in Southern Maryland, contact Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning. We can get your commercial system back to its pristine condition quickly and without disruption, allowing you to continue taking care of business as usual.

Our trained technicians have extensive experience working with commercial air conditioning and heating systems of various sizes, brands and models. We offer the following services to improve the condition and performance of your commercial HVAC system:

Commercial HVAC Installation

When you need a commercial HVAC system from American Standard or another manufacturer installed, contact Leitch Heating and Air Conditioning. Our superior commercial HVAC systems, combined with the skills of our licensed technicians, ensure all components are well-integrated with your ductwork. Let us handle the task to assure a custom-fit installation that will make you happy today and for decades to come.

Commercial HVAC Repair or Replacement

The instant your commercial heating and air conditioning system breaks down, you should contact us for help. Our HVAC technicians will spot the problem and repair it quickly, minimizing the disruption to the work day of every tenant in the building. We’ll replace the entire HVAC system if necessary. Many times, it is more cost-effective to replace the entire system than to make extensive repairs.

Scheduled Commercial HVAC Maintenance

To ensure a positive working environment, your heating and air conditioning system must keep your clients cool and comfortable. We highly recommend scheduling commercial HVAC maintenance on a seasonal basis. Letting us clean and service your commercial HVAC system regularly allows us to detect early signs of damages and stop them before they get worse. We'll also look for ways to improve its performance and energy-saving capabilities.

Contact Leitch Heating and Air Conditioning

When you need commercial HVAC services in Southern Maryland, contact Leitch Heating and Air Conditioning at 410-469-1363. Our representatives can offer more information about any of our commerical HVAC products and services.



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