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Spring AC Maintenance Tips

Spring AC Maintenance TipsAt the onset of spring, many people have an urge to remove clutter and debris from their homes. Annual spring cleaning helps homeowners reduce the number of unwanted items in their home and start the new year with a clean, uncluttered residence.

The same approach applies to your AC unit. To ensure that your AC operates as well as it should in the coming warmer months, spring maintenance and cleaning are needed.

Spring maintenance on your AC does not need to be a tough chore. You can simply have a cooling and heating professional put it on an annual maintenance schedule. This will ensure that your AC gets the attention it needs before you start using it regularly during the summer.

What Your Annual AC Maintenance Should Include

Whether you choose to hire a professional to help you maintain your AC or you choose to do the spring AC maintenance yourself, you need to make sure that these steps are part of your routine:

  • Filter cleaning and replacement – Some AC units and systems come with filters that have to be replaced with new ones on a regular basis while others come with washable filters that are easy to clean. Whichever filter you have, you need to make sure your filters are clean before the hot summer months roll in. For replaceable filters, always choose the ones that are compatible with your system or unit. For washable filters, make sure you clean these properly and return them to your AC the right way before operating your AC.
  • Ensure outdoor unit is free of debris and blockages – Those who have split-type and centralized AC systems should take note of possible debris that may get into their outdoor units. Debris, leaves, and twigs often get caught in some parts of the AC’s outdoor unit, making it more difficult for the AC to operate optimally. To avoid damage, you should check for debris and clean your AC before starting it. Also, if your outdoor unit is camouflaged from view with landscaping, make sure that there is at least a foot of space between the unit and the shrubbery. This is to enable your AC to function as well as it should without having to worry about air circulation issues.
  • Check condenser coils and evaporator for issues – Also worth checking are your AC’s condenser coils and other parts for possible damage as well as wear and tear. These need to be cleaned and cleared of debris too before your AC is turned on. For best results, contact a professional for help.

Contact Leitch Heating and Air Conditioning for Help

To ensure that your AC is in tiptop shape when summer begins, it is best for you to get in touch with an AC specialist for help. In Southern Maryland, the company to trust with your AC maintenance needs is Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning. We specialize in a long list of services that help maintain and take care of your HVAC system.

Aside from AC repair, we can also ensure that your AC works as best as it could with an AC tune-up. We also help make homes more energy efficient with a home energy analysis and suggest upgrades that can help you save on energy consumption, like the installation of smart thermostats and mini-split HVAC systems. Contact us today at 410-469-1363and find out how we can help you improve your home’s cooling and energy efficiency with our long list of heating and cooling services.


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