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The Most Efficient Ways to Keep your Home Cool

Reasons to Get a Home Energy Evaluation

A home energy evaluation is a professional inspection of your home's energy consumption. Also called a home energy audit, this is done by assessing how much energy a home consumes and where this energy consumption is happening. This assessment will help you find out what appliances in your home are eating up more energy than they should and the findings of such an assessment will help you address these problems.

The most obvious reason why you should have your energy use evaluated is to help you figure out why you are paying so much for your energy bills. This will help you come up with a strategic plan for reducing your consumption, which in turn will help you reduce your energy bills. In short, having an energy evaluation done on your home will help you save money in the long run.

What Happens During a Home Energy Audit

When you hire a company for a home energy evaluation, some of the steps that they will take to accurately assess your home include the following:

  • Assessment of your air conditioning and heating system to see if it is effectively cooling and/or heating your home
  • Checking previous and current electric bills to determine when consumption increased and why
  • Inspection of the ductwork, insulation, and airflow to find out if there are problems related to these
  • Checking of indoor and outdoor components of your ventilation system to see if these are working properly

Once the findings of these checks are gathered, and a conclusion is reached, recommendations will be made regarding what needs to be done to reduce your energy consumption. These can include the following recommendations:

  • Upgrade or install insulation in your home
  • Replace drafty windows and doors to keep warm or cold air in better
  • Clean the ducts to improve airflow and air quality
  • Update or repair existing air-conditioning and heating systems

Increase Your Energy Savings with Leitch Heating and Air Conditioning

Don’t just settle for the rising cost of energy in your home. Instead, find out where your problem areas are with a home energy audit from Leitch Heating & Air Conditioning. Let us help you pinpoint where you are using too much energy and offer solutions that will keep your home comfortable and your savings high.

Contact us today and start reducing your energy bills. Call 410-469-1363 to get a home energy evaluation scheduled for your home in Southern Maryland.


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